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Instagram Expands its Advertising Platform to All Companies

Social media research Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news.


To help you set up for the current purpose with social media, Lessons Learned From These 5 Social Media Fails provides unit sort of the new things that caught our attention.

What’s New on

Instagram Expands its Advertising Platform to any or all Companies:  As Instagram continues to make its ad platform, it’s “focused on 3 key areas: increasing ad offerings to incorporate action-oriented formats, enabling further targeting capabilities, and creating it easier for businesses giant and small to shop for  ads on Instagram.”


Twitter Official Partner Program

“Twitter Official Partners unit is recognized by Twitter due to their high-quality product or expert-level services and tried success on Twitter.”

ck-twitter-official-twitter-partner-program (1)


Other upcoming social media news worth following:

YouTube Launches Music Insights: This new knowledge tool “gives the music community further insight into YouTube views to grow their success on and off of YouTube.”

YouTube Music Insights

Music Insights give you to “a full image of however fans unit partaking with music on YouTube.”


Here’s one or two of cool social media tools worth checking out: 

Splice: degree iOS that app helps you “easily end up videos and slideshows, with no length limits, watermarks, or ads; Includes free filters, songs, sound effects, text overlays, transitions, and precise piece of writing tools.”

“Simple and powerful, Splice is that the best video editor for your iPhone!”

ck-splice-app-ios (1)

Sigstr: A cloud-based central management tool that appends mercantilism content and campaigns for your company email signatures.


Some fascinating studies to note:

The State of customer Service expertise 2015: in line with a replacement survey from trading firm, The Northridge cluster, thirty third of shoppers international organization agency uses social media to contact brands with client service problems ne’er get a response.

Internet Marketing Phoenix analysis is 2015 Way in quantity mercantilism Report: This survey of two hundred quantity marketers at firms with over $100 million in revenue confirms that the mercantilism landscape is dynamic as brands believe further on quantity moments instead of planned mercantilism campaigns. Whereas one / four marketers outline a “real-time” response as happening at intervals seconds, completely four wheel drives will react to breaking news on social media.

Programmatic Branding: Findings associate degree exceedingly in a terribly new study from Consultancy and Quant cast reveals sixty two of marketer’s unit exploitation programmatic advertising for complete campaigns as against direct response, with its key blessings cited as: potency, reduced ad prices and improved targeting.

New From Social Media Examiner:

Society Join Social Media mercantilism Society: Social Media Examiner’s NEW Society is degree exclusive membership community designed to stay marketers on the forefront of social media.

Community of Marketers: The Society is way over simply a district wherever you’ll receive top-notch mercantilism employment.

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