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How accountants can benefit from content marketing.

How Accountants Can Benefit from Content Marketing

Great content that is relevant to your audience can boost your audience, build preference, positively affect your SEO rankings and establish you as the expert you are!

Content Marketing. Seems like a new phenomenon but humans have been telling stories to inform and entertain since the dawn of time.  

Unlike traditional marketing, where your interaction is solely based on sales, content marketing is a slower burn strategy. It involves creating regular interesting entertaining or useful content and simply giving it away for free. But the rewards you get in the long term are immeasurable.

Content marketing is giving first and sales second. It is the backbone of important marketing techniques, especially digital marketing, and is driving results for companies of all types and sizes. Yes, accountants and bookkeepers too, so here is a quick guide to the various forms of content for marketing to get you started.

Your content strategy should be built on and expanded over time. Take into account the results of previous campaigns, respond to feedback and analytics and put your client at the centre of each new piece. The more targeted your content is for your audience, the more likely you will start to yield the results.

Let your content do the work for you

Keep content on your website so potential clients can always access it. By using basic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, you can assure your expert answer will be visible to potential clients researching a topic or business issue on Google. “Content marketing is something that someone can access 24/7,” Frederiksen said. “It can do the marketing when you’re working with a client, or asleep, or on vacation. It really leverages limited time.” The best topics for written content are those that are highly relevant to a niche audience but do not quickly go out-of-date, so you don’t have to update posts. For example, a review of popular accounting software options used by your target client could rank high in Google for software comparisons and remain relevant as long as the software versions you review are current.

Turn your content into a lead-generating machine.

Use your website to generate leads by keeping some content “gated,” meaning potential clients have to provide an email address in order to access it. Visitors to your website will be more likely to submit their contact information to access content that solves a problem in detail, such as a template or blueprint for performing a specific task, or content they might otherwise pay for, such as industry data or an in-depth guide.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

The contents you make could be:

  1. Blogs and articles.
  2. How-to videos and infographics
  3. White papers and Ebooks 

There could be many formats for the contents to reach the people but their sole aim is to create more potential clients.

Through such content, you can create a valuable identity throughout the virtual environment. The customers would get the notion of aiming for good services and if you are the ones who have earned trust and reliability through services then you can grab the chances of making money fast.

The customers would find you easily through such methods. People tend to work with the best team which has a branded image because they are considerably chosen as the best and reliable.

Cover the latest news 

Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest accountancy news and be the one to deliver key developments to your audience. Perhaps you can include your own commentary and opinion, or advise how this may affect your clients.

Due to the nature of the accountancy industry, this means there’s going to be busy periods of the year with a huge number of tax updates and information you need to share (and quieter periods with almost nothing to report).

As you might have already guessed, the problem is that when you need to share the most information is also usually when you’re the busiest—leaving little time for writing content. There’s no denying that this all sounds like a lot of work (and you can consider outsourcing your content writing to take some of the load off), but it’s worth it in the end.

By educating your audience, you will build a reputation for being a source of clear, trustworthy information, placing your firm at the forefront of the industry. In addition to giving them relevant news, you can strategically link your landing page from within the content. This will get more people to register for your email list and give you the opportunity to nurture them over time.


Another example of how time and hard work invested in the short term can reap long term benefits. The format of an e-book lends itself to subjects that need to be covered in-depth to provide any value—which is perfect for accountancy topics. Delve deeper into a specific topic of value to your clients and capture your audience’s undivided attention with a highly detailed, intelligent read.

You can also take this opportunity to build a database of potential client email addresses by asking users for this information in exchange for downloads.

Use eye-catching imagery

Design and aesthetics are key to creating highly shareable content. While some platforms are more obviously image-based (Pinterest and Instagram, for example), eye-catching pictures also help to increase engagement on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ensure your branding is present and visible where appropriate. Consider humanizing the firm by using behind-the-scenes photos or photography from staff events. This method can also help to attract potential employees.

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