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6 lead generation strategies for Tech Companies

6 Lead Generation Strategies for Tech Companies.

Lead generation is incredibly important for marketers and the businesses they want to grow. Increasing leads means increasing brand awareness and interest in your products or services, nurturing curious prospects through the marketing funnel and into your sales pipeline. If done well, lead generation strategies create strong relationships with qualified customers who invest in your business for a long time.

A lead generation strategy includes tactics that attract interested prospects and convert them into leads. A lead is a potential customer who has shown interest in your brand by taking some action. They have shared their contact details or otherwise implied that they may want to do business with you.

Both B2C and B2B lead generation strategies include four components.

  • Lead capture: A way to collect information from a lead. Information may include the lead’s name and contact information as well as relevant qualifying details about them or their organization (e.g., business name, position, number of employees).
  • Lead magnets: An incentive that drives prospects to become new leads.
  • Lead qualification: A process that uses the lead’s information to determine how likely they are to buy.
  • Lead segmentation: The process of segmenting leads based on their information, habits, and activities (e.g., job title, lead magnet that attracted them, pages they visited on your website).

High quality written blog content

The content we publish here on the Close blog has been the backbone of our lead generation strategy ever since 2013, and it’s been filling up our sales pipeline with high-quality leads ever since.

The foundation of your content marketing strategy needs to rest on building relationships with the right people—ones who are likely to convert into becoming leads and eventually customers for your business.

Climbing to the top of search rankings is an arduous journey that takes a combination of time, an accumulation of backlinks from high domain-authority websites (achieved from tactics like guest posting, link outreach, and syndication partnerships), social shares on the major networks, and a slough of other factors.

Whether you’re selling software, wholesale merchandise, consulting, or real estate attorney services, organic search can be a powerful source of new leads.

Aside from just increasing the organic rankings for your content over the course of days, weeks and months, you can proactively go out and find potential readers in several ways.

Try engaging in online communities where your target customers spend time, recording simple videos (like ours) for the video search engine YouTube, leveraging your connections to amplify social sharing to the right audiences—while avoiding bad-fit leads—and pitching other sites with a similar audience to take a related guest post from you.

 Leverage Chatbot Conversations

As a busy marketer, you won’t always have the time and effort to dedicate to lead generation — so why not get some help?

Chatbots can be a great lead generation tool. The technology is excellent for building rapport with prospects since chatbots are available 24/7. Set them up to match your brand personality so they function as automated extensions of your marketing and sales team.

Create a Value-Packed Newsletter

Another way to use content as a lead magnet is by creating a must-read newsletter that encourages interested prospects to connect and stay in touch with your brand. This lets you stay top of mind with customers as well as share promotions for your products and services that can drive prospects further down the purchase funnel

Host an Event

Lead generation strategies can happen online and off. Host an in-person or online event to attract and serve your target market while capturing their contact information via event registration. Also, use live events as opportunities to connect with customers in real time so that you can answer questions, respond to objections, learn about your audience, and actively guide prospects through the sales funnel.

Provide a Freemium Product or Free Trial

Capture leads from interested and qualified prospects by offering a free trial or freemium product. Free trials and freemium products

attract qualified, interested prospects who aren’t ready to buy. Once free trial users sign up, you can convert them into paying customers later by teasing paid features and delivering drip email campaigns that promote the benefits of upgraded accounts.

Optimize Your Website to Promote Your Lead Magnet

To generate more leads, make sure website visitors can easily find your lead magnet. Design on-site funnels that segment your audience and drive them toward the lead magnet most likely to resonate with their needs and interests. Accomplish this by promoting lead magnets around your site.

  • Highlight it as the primary homepage call to action.
  • Promote relevant lead magnets at the end of blog posts and pages.
  • Use a lead generation pop-up.
  • Create a resource library filled with gated content.
  • Add a lead gen hello bar (that sits at the top or bottom of your site).
  • Promote your lead magnet in the sidebar.

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